Traffic congestion continues to be one of the most intractable problems facing metropolitan areas throughout the country. The solutions offered to this problem all suffer one or more of the following drawbacks:

arrowHigh cost
arrowLong lead times
arrowPolitically divisive
arrowLack of willingness to switch transportation modes or other behaviors
arrowDisruptive to neighborhoods

A new solution is now available that has none of these drawbacks. Recognized for its efficiency and effectiveness, it has won awards as diverse as the EPA’s Innovative Use of Technology award and the Goldwater Institute’s Most Cost-Effective Traffic Reduction Measure.

This solution, called ProximateCommute, was created by a Seattle company. It is consumer and environmentally friendly, easily implemented by public and private employers, has an upfront cost which is a tiny fraction of any significant infrastructure project, and has the potential to benefit as many commuters as carpool, bus or other mass transit systems.

What is ProximateCommute?

ProximateCommute is an innovative web-based transportation and work/family benefits program designed for multi-site employers such as banks, libraries, retail chains, public agencies, supermarkets, schools and universities. This voluntary program reduces unnecessarily long commutes by systematically matching new and existing employees to same-employer work sites close to their homes. Workers can maintain their same jobs, same pay and same employer – without the hassle of long, frustrating commutes.

before and after ProximateCummute

By reducing the critical element of distance traveled, ProximateCommute decreases traffic congestion, vehicle miles traveled and adverse environmental impacts while increasing transportation choices, mobility and community livability.

Studies of multi-site employers have found that on average about 80% of their branch employees could work at an employer site nearer their homes. A national survey by CareerBuilder found that nearly half of the workers surveyed considered their commute unsatisfying or stressful, and that 36% would take a 10% or greater pay cut to work closer to home.

ProximateCommute lets employees work for the same employer with a shorter commute, and employees who take advantage of ProximateCommute can save thousands of dollars per year in commuting expenses. Equally important, vehicle emissions and traffic congestion can be dramatically reduced.




"This good idea should go somewhere"

~Washington Post

Most cost-effective traffic reduction measure

~The Goldwater Institute


Way to Go Award-Innovative Use of Technology


Environmental Innovator of the Year
~Association of Washington Business


Vision 2020 Honor Award
~Puget Sound Regional Council


2002 Certificate of Recognition
~King County Council


2002 Official Endorsement
~Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce



For more information contact:
Gene Mullins, President